Isabel Decian, MA, LMHC, RPT

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Registered Play Therapist

Counseling Services for Children, Teens, Families, and Young Adults

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Isabel Decian, MA, LMHC, RPT

Hello. I am so glad you decided to seek support.

I help children, teens, parents, and young adults. I help children and parents to strengthen their connection thru Play Therapy. And, I give tools to young adults to decrease anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms.


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Children are not developmentally able to fully put into words what is troubling them. Instead, their struggle often presents as tantrums, acting out,crying, whining, sleep issues, somatic complaints, clingy behavior, anger outbursts just to name a few.


Childhood is not supposed to be this constant struggle!

In my work, I use developmentally, and evidence-based, approaches to help children to co-regulate and parent and child feel connected again and decrease challenging behaviors in the LONG-TERM.


Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, difficulty managing stress, life transitions, or simply want a safe space to explore your feelings and  work on personal growth, individual therapy may be right fit for you.  


Let's face it, being  parent is one of the most difficult jobs there is in the world. You may be feeling drained from having to constantly manage your child's emotions and behaviors at home, which may be leading to feeling disconnected from your child. I can help you strengthen your parent-child relationship. I am trained in Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), a form of Filial Therapy, to assist parents in experiencing a more positive and stronger relationship with their child, which decreases unwanted problematic behaviors, while utilizing the healing powers of play.

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